We have our own fleet with an average age of 2.5 years

Humidity sensors and online temperature control equipment

Climate controlled chests. Refrigerated trucks; Vehicles with air-conditioning

Vehicles equipped with the three main types of vehicle tracking devices: Professionally installed (hard-wired), Self-installed (plug-and-play) and Mobile Application

Adequate and personalized fleet according to the client's needs and peculiarities of the market in which it operates

Blocking and self-management devices


Flexible, able to accommodate multiple horizontal and vertical stocking modes.

• Certificates, according to the needs of each client.

• Spaces equipped with all necessary security infrastructure.

• Air-conditioned for goods that are subjected to controlled temperature.

• All the necessary in-house handling equipment.

Risk management

To guarantee the safety of our employees and loads of our customers we have efficient risk control management with external management, in addition to internal management, which operates in a redundancy system 24 hours a day.

CARGOSOFT vehicles are still bi- or tri-tracked, offering online traceability, with intervention devices in the event of a potential accident.

This high risk management standard by CARGOSOFT led us to have a very low rate of accidents, robberies and thefts.


We constantly invest in the technological modernization of our structure. Currently, we have trackers and embedded systems, ERP, TMS, WMS, among others.

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