CARGOSOFT is committed to sustainability and the conscious use of natural resources.

For this reason we constantly invest in technologies that allow us to reduce or even eliminate the emission of pollutants even in the atmosphere. In addition, our headquarters is self-sustaining in energy and reused water. The entire enterprise was built with underground areas for storing rainwater and the roof of our warehouses and headquarters are covered with solar collector panels. We generate more energy than we consume.


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CARGOSOFT receives its first electric truck

CARGOSOFT wins award for supporting the fight against sexual exploitation of young people on the roads

CARGOSOFT participates in several social responsibility programs aimed to transform people outside the structure of our company.

Performing Good Practices

We know that ensuring the harmony of the ecosystem is essential for the environment to continue to generate good results for society. And for that, daily care is needed.

All the electricity consumed at CARGOSOFT’s headquarters is 100% renewable and produced on site from solar panels.

In fact, it is from solar energy that the CARGOSOFT electric truck is fueled, reinforcing the commitment to the sustainable use of environmental resources.

In all units, CARGOSOFT has an incentive program to reduce the consumption of electricity, water and plastic cups. The company also encourages, through awards, employees who reduce fuel consumption on the roads, which reduces carbon emissions into the atmosphere.

Our team

At CARGOSOFT, we take care of and lead our employees to carry the responsibility of transforming integrity into an attitude, providing a healthy cycle of good practices not only with the environment, but also with society.

We have a Code of Ethical Conduct that guides all our actions and learned decisions, ensuring that our activities are learned with the company’s ethical values, in addition to the respect that we seek to cultivate with our entire public.

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